Saturday, 2 November 2013

Money Saving Outfit! #1


• Fallen Angel - Heart Compass Dress

• Fallen Angel - Off Shoulder Shirt

• Fallen Angel - Lace Socks

• Fallen Angel Wednesday Shoes


• Dot - Midnight Black Mascara

• Dot - Midnight Black Volume Mascara

• Dot - Midnight Black Eye Pencil

• Dot - Midnight Black Eye Liner 

• Dot - Fire Brick Lipstick

HAIR: Tress Up - Tori Hair

The New Blog - StardollTRENDS

Hey Guys! I'm Rian, also known as XxResahlaxX1000 on Stardoll and I'm going to be running this blog that I have created. StardollTRENDS will be a blog all about Stardoll. It will have posts about MeDolls (Could Be YOU!) outfits that I love, Money Saving Outfits, Hauls and New Clothes/Accessories! I hope you give this new blog all your love and support. xx 

Love Rian